International Temporary Exhibition of Designers’Headwears Hat as a Work of Art

The first important event for the Association is the International Temporary Exhibition of Designers’ Headwears “Hat as a Work of Art”, dedicated to the Russian jeweler Carl Faberge. The year 2020 marks the 10 anniversary of his death, and the year 2021 will mark the 175 anniversary of his Birth.

The works of the greatest Russian jeweler are still considered as standards of impeccable taste, which influences fashion representatives, inspiring them to create new collections. By dedicating their work to him, millinery designers express their gratitude to the great Russian jeweler.

The Temporary Exhibition is planned for 2021-2022 in a number of European countries and Russian cities. It will be attended by millinery designers in Russia, CIS countries and numerous foreign countries.

The end of the last century rediscovered this name to the пeneral public in Russia, because for many years Carl Faberge’s name, as a jeweler of the Royal Court, was forbidden:in company’sactivities were not interested, exhibits of the collections were kept in storages and never exhibited at permanent exhibitions. Not a single article was written, not a single book was published. After the collapse of the communist system, Russian society developed a great interest in the historical heritage of Imperial Russiaand its cultural traditions, terminated by the revolution. Carl Faberge, as a court jeweler, personified the Russian jewelry art of that era.His works have become highly valued on the antique market. Also a demand for Faberge-style products has arisen.


The country’s museums began to receive requests for expertise, which prompted their employees to study the history of Faberge and its products. But real interest of the general public in Faberge’s works arose after a series of exhibitions whichvividly demonstrated that the Faberge’s company was a real pearl of Russian art. Faberge’s style, which includes a set of artistic techniques and features, is well recognized, and his works are perceived as a standard of impeccable taste, inspiringmasters of art and fashion.