Almost a year ago the associatien of professionals, masters and designers of headwear, the International Associatien of Hat Designers was created.

First of all, a headdress is a mannerof public diplomacy and communication that allows people to interact all over the world. It is a wayof self-expression and an expression of your personality – and it is in the revival of the tradition of wearing hats that we see as our mission.

The International Associatien of Hat Designers considers its aim to attract attention to a unique direction in art, to a handmade headwear. We believe that it is vital to inform general public about the work of millinery professionals, contributing to the promotion of talented craftsmen and raising the prestige of master hatters from all over the world.


  • to raise the prestige of the profession of headwear designer;
  • to revive national traditions in relation to headwears;
  • to familiarize general public with the names and creations of the best designers from all over the world;
  • to refine forms of experience exchange


  • to organize training for novice craftsmen and improve skills of young designers;
  • to introduce masters and designers to new materials and technology regularly;
  • to search markets for hat products made by millinery masters and hats’ designers;
  • to conduct active career guidance activities with studen;
  • to stimulate activity of designers’ creativity


Luiza Gagarina

General Director

Tatiana Ponnet

General Producer